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In the Wild West atmosphere of financial services, it can seem impossible to separate the good guys from the bad. Not many laws protect average citizens, and the rules that do exist are not always followed or enforced. Financial services has been, and continues to be, primarily about sales and not what is best for you. However it is possible to find and work with financial planners who can help you achieve goals that will make life better for you and your family.

Think of your classic cowboy -- a hard worker who doesn't quit until the job is done. Honest as the day is long, his word is his bond, any promises made are kept. A handshake is as good as any legal document. I think we would all love to do business this way, to work with individuals we could trust and not have to worry about hidden agendas.

How do you find someone you can trust whose only interest is you? Not bonuses. Not commissions. Not promotions. Just you. How do you find this Real Cowboy who will give you competent, untainted financial planning advice? That is what this guide is all about.

The book is available at and - just search for "Finding a Real Cowboy" or "Pasztor".

Jim Pasztor, Certified Financial Plannertm